Void at RetroKomp / Load Error 2017 in Poland

Hi everyone,

We in Void released two Amiga productions last weekend at the RetroKomp / Load Error demo-party in Poland! One intro called “7 Ate 9” and one music-pack called “Applejack Pack 2”. You can find more information about these over on Pouet.net:

“7 Ate 9” by Void
“Applejack 2” by Void

Noname of Haujobb has made a great video of the Amiga demo compos, which you can watch below:

It’s been a long time since I last watched such a good demo compo as this one. I particularly enjoyed Beam Riders (Ghostown / Haujobb) and Future Balls (Resistance).

I’d like to thank Sachy (organizer) for all the help with testing and running Void’s demos at the part. Also thanks to Slayer for being our representative at the party. 🙂 Cheers!

Now work continues with making more Amiga software for coming events. 🙂

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