Releases and results from the Gerp 2018 demo party in Sweden

Hi everyone,

The Gerp 2018 demo party took place in Skövde, Sweden, this weekend. 9 Amiga demos was released, as well as 7 for other platforms. Please find the results below. For complete list check out

The results of the Amiga demo compo is as follows:

  1. Tulou – Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue (AGA)
  2. Loonies – My Lucky Number (OCS)
  3. Nature – End of Time (AGA)
  4. TEK – Deadline Invitation (OCS)
  5. Tulou – Exclusive Galore (OCS)
  6. Insane – 40420 (OCS)
  7. Oxyron & Desire – Lords of the Boards (OCS)
  8. CCC – The Final Demo (OCS)
  9. Skywalker – Holy Crap (OCS)

The results of the other demo compo is as follows:

  1. Five Finger Punch – Midlife Crisis (ABC 80)
  2. SMFX – Juxtaposition (Atari ST)
  3. Checkpoint – Atari STf 1 Meg Fullscreen Chessboardzoomer (Atari ST)
  4. Newlife – The Checkerboardening (Atari ST)
  5. TMB – Frost (Atari Falcon)
  6. Speedfisters – Condolences (Commodore 64)
  7. Hevosenliha / MuMu21 – Hest>/dev/null (Commodore 64)

I’m really amazed by the big amount of demos released at this party! It’s not long to Revision kicks off in Germany and still we see many groups participating here. 🙂 Definitely looking forward to check all the entries soon! Here is a few that is already up on YouTube, but most are not present yet. If you want to download the entries, keep an eye here:

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great Sunday! 🙂


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