Amiga: Else We Get Mad! – Now available at

Hi guys,

The great Amiga shop does now have the new Amiga game Else We Get Mad! in stock. The price is 19.95 EUR.

Else We Get Mad! is the last production of Amiga Wave, a Beat’em Up game for two simultaneos players and exclusive for Amiga computers. English language.


  • Works with any Amiga computer with 1MB ram from Amiga 1000 to Amiga 4000, (MorphOS, Aros and AmigaOS4 under EUAE emulation).
  • Run direct from floppy disk and Hard Disk installable.
  • One, or two simultaneous players.
  • Music in-game.
  • Lot of fun.
  • All in only one 3” 1/2 disk with a deluxe box with 90s style.


  • Any Amiga model with 1MB of RAM (A1000/500/600/1200/2000/3000/1200/4000/CDTV/CD32).
  • Also compatible with other Amiga operating systems and platforms like AROS, MiST, or AmigaOS4 (under EUAE emulation).
  • Floppy Disk Drive

You can buy the game here:


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