BitJam Podcast Episode 219 – Versus

Hi everyone,

A new episode of BitJam has been released and in this episode they have teamed up with the Versus diskmag teams (Nukleus and Void).

Listen here:

Episode #219 – Versus

We teamed up with Versus to dedicate a BitJam Episode to Amiga composers and to celebrate the release of Versus #8 DiskMag.

Still a bit of time left until release, You can vote for the artists presented in the pod or some other artist that you think should enter the charts:

Mixed and compiled by Vincenzo, logo by Unreal, help & organizing by Browallia

Track List:
01. 4-mat – Back Again [MOD]
02. Aceman – Land of Flying Cubes [XM]
03. Blaizer – Drugstore Cowboy [MOD]
04. Bruno – Oneway [MOD]
05. Chaser – CyberBoogie [XM]
06. Chromag – Marionator [MOD]
07. Curt Cool – Karate Geishas [MOD]
08 Dascon & Virgill – Sphinx [XM]
09. Dizzy – Allnite Groove [MOD]
10. Dluxe – Radical Insanity [MOD]
11. Dubmood – Ninja Starts School [XM]
12. Esau – BlackEnuff [MOD]
13. Frequent – Personal Breakdown [MOD]
14. Heatbeat – City Lights [MOD]
15. Hoffman – Hot Dots [MOD]
16. Jazzcat – Boogie Town [MOD]
17. Jogeir Liljedahl – Physical Presence [MOD]
18. lug00ber – Spaceballs Emperor [MOD]
19. Magnar – Rink-a-Dink [MOD]
20. Moby – Bounga [MOD]
21. Mygg – Mushroom Baby! [MOD]
22. Obbe – Stuffbiten [MOD]
23. Response – Inside My Brain [XM]
24. Subi – You Can’t Control [MOD]
25. Tecon – Childhood Glades [MOD]
26. Triace – Spring Breeze [MOD]
27. Wasp – Retrobution [MOD]
28. X-Ceed – Lost [XM]
Total playing time: 1:18:32

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