Tinyus – An arcade quality Amiga OCS port of Gradius/Nemesis

Picture lent from http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=105311

Hi everyone,

Abyss has announced that they will release a new game in their series of tiny games! Many of you will remember the games Tiny Invaders, Tiny Galaga and Tiny Bobble. Soon it will be time for Tinyus, a port of the arcade Gradius/Nemesis game. Read on for the announcement posted by Pink of Abyss on the English Amiga Board:

After Tiny Invaders, Tiny Galaga and Tiny Bobble

aBYSs announces: Tinyus

Tinyus is a faithful Amiga OCS port of the Arcade Gradius/Nemesis videogame. It needs OCS with 512k Chip and 512k Slowmem or better.
The games runs on Amiga 500 but Amiga 1200 (barebone) is recommended for fluid 50fps gameplay.

Tinyus features graphics by Fade1/aBYSs, Code & PreTracker music by Pink/aBYSs and reverse engeneering by Bartman/aBYSs.

The game will be released soon.

Enjoyed their previous games a lot and I’m very eager to give Tinyus a go. 🙂 Here you can see the gameplay of Tiny Galaga in one of my videos on YouTube:

If you want to check out the other games, here are the links:

Tiny Bobble on Pouet.net

Tiny Galaga on Pouet.net

Tiny Invaders on Pouet.net

Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=105311

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