Tiny Bobble by Abyss – New Amiga Game Release!

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Hi everyone,

Today, the demogroup Abyss released a new game in their series of small games for the Amiga!

Earlier this year they made Tiny Invaders and Tiny Galaga, both very playable and fun games to play. 🙂

This time the game is called Tiny Bobble and it is available for download as an ADF-file via the link below:

Tiny Bobble by Abyss – ADF

The credits is as follows:

Code and music by Pink
Logo by Fade1
Tools by Bartman

Needs Amiga 500 (PAL) + 512 KB RAM or better.

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Here is the readme-file from the authors:

“Tiny Bobble” is a complete new arcade port of Bubble Bobble. Why, you may ask?!
Well, the original Amiga game was already really nice but as it’s an Atari ST conversion
it’s not quite on par with the arcade. I thought it should be possible to almost recreate
the arcade version on A500 and so I tried. The result is “Tiny Bobble”.

Here are some improvements over the original amiga game that you find in “Tiny Bobble”:
– Needs only a “tiny” 178kb single file (the original needed a full disk)
– 50 fps (instead of 25fps)
– 32 colors (instead of 16)
– 150 items (instead of 40?)
– Original screen height of 224 pixel (was only 200 pixel)
– Almost all sprite animations (had only ~20% of animations)
– Progress Screen (was not available)
– Big Enemies animation every 16th level (was not available)
– Player Two Join animation (was not available)
– Big Score images (was not available)
– Animated Extend screen (was not animated)
– Animated Potion screen (was not animated)
– Animated Intro (was not animated)
– Animated Boss fight (was a still image)
– Multiple endings (had only one ending)

“Tiny Bobble” is not(!) arcade perfect. It’s also easier than in the arcade.
Most scoring mechanisms should work like in the arcade game. There are no
secret rooms.

About the tech:

All audio is created with “PreTracker”. No audio samples are used, but only 3kb
of chipram (where all audio is synthesized on the fly).

All coding was done with “Amiga C/C++ Compile, Debug & Profile” by Bartman/Abyss.
You can get it here for free:

File compression is done with Shrinkler by Blueberry.
Ingame ‘on the fly’ decompression is done with Doynamite by Doynax.

Use Konami code.

Thanks to all the beta testers on EAB!

Thanks for reading and hope you will enjoy the game if you decide to give it a go on your Amiga or through an emulator. 🙂


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