Sam460 – From the Beginning to the End – A Video by Kas1e

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

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While browsing today, I noticed a new thread made by Kas1e. Here he announced that he has made a video of his new Sam460 system, which he ordered from ACube Systems not long ago. As some of you may be aware, ACube has started producing Sam460 motherboards again (one batch at the time, on demand).

You can visit ACube here and read about this via the following link:

The video lasts for apx. 45 minutes and contains the whole process of unpacking the items, putting everything together, installing AmigaOS 4 and so forth. It was very interesting to watch and I think many can use it as a reference in the future if they attempt to build a similar AmigaOS 4 setup. 🙂 An excellent video in my opinion and I hope that you will enjoy it too!

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