Wayfarer 2.9 has been released for MorphOS

Hi everyone,

Excellent news for all MorphOS users out there! A brand new version of the Wayfarer web browser has been released! 🙂

(picture lent from https://wayfarer.icu/)

You can download it for free from the MorphOS Storage website:


Or from the official website here:


According to a post by the author (jacadcaps) on the MorphZone discussion forum, the following has been implemented:

– Implemented Proxy settings
– Added right mouse button override settings that make it possible to open the default context menu on websites that try to block it
– Fixed several edge cases where Wayfarer’s url bar wouldn’t correctly show page’s url
– Added code to handle “ContentDisposition: attachment” to trigger downloading instead of displaying the target url
– Fixed ‘Reload’ to work after a failed page load
– Downloaded filename had 1st letter truncated in some cases due to a bug in header parsing
– Enabled USE_NEW_THEME in WebKit to change how some controls are drawn
– Default CSS tweaks to prevent invisible checkboxes/radio buttons

I’m really looking forward to trying out the new version. Anyone else tried it yet?

Thanks for visiting Old School Game Blog and have a great day! 🙂

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