Pimpin’ the MorphOS Mac Mini G4 – Video by Ravi Abbott

If you, like me, own a Mac Mini G4 you run MorphOS on, then I think you’ll find the video “Pimpin’ the MorphOS Mac Mini G4” by Ravi Abbott interesting.

He goes about to enhance his computer with 1 GB of DDR RAM and a 256 GB mSATA SSD, which improves the speed quite a bit!

In the video you will get to see the components and the upgrade taking place. Dismantling those PPC Mac Mini’s is no easy task and getting them back together is just as difficult. I have only replaced the RAM in my machine, but I’m very interested in getting an SSD in there as well. The old, spinning HDD has a few errors, so should be replaced in the future. Anyway, great job by Ravi Abbott! 🙂

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