Knightmare – Amiga Port – Released!

Hi and thanks for visiting Old School Game Blog. 🙂

It’s currently in the morning when I’m writing this, and I’m going to work very soon, but when I visited the EAB forums I noticed that Knightmare for Amiga had been released by Hoffman and company! I just couldn’t help myself making this blog post to spread the great news. 😉

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

As some of you might know, Knightmare is one of my favorite games from childhood. My first computer was an MSX, a SVI Spectravideo 738 X’Press. For this machine, I had a few cartridges and floppy disks, including Knightmare. I played this game a lot back then and I always enjoyed it, even though it was incredibly difficult in the later levels. Now I’m looking forward to finally completing the game on my Amiga 1200!

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Tried the game quickly here and it looks brilliant! It sounds excellent as well, since the music has been lifted to a higher level. Nice!

Now I have to get going here, but here is the link to the official webpage of the port:

Main webpage:

Ok, got to go here! Anyone else looking forward to play this game? 🙂

Have a nice day! Cheers!

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