Gaming on AmigaOS 4.1: Swamp Defense (Entwickler-X)

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Today we’ll be having a look at a tower defense game for AmigaOS 4 called Swamp Defense.

The game was developed by Entwickler-X and released back in 2011.

The menu of the game – Screenshot by Puni/Void

It requires an AmigaOS 4.1 computer with a compositing capable graphics card (Radeon), which means it does work on Classic Amiga with a Mediator + Radeon combination. I’ve played it on a Sam440-Flex with a Radeon 9250 (128 MB) and can confirm that it runs very well on this setup.

If you are unfamiliar with tower defense games, these titles are mostly about preventing enemy attackers from reaching an exit at the opposite end of the screen. This is achieved by placing defensive structures or units along the path of the attack.

In Swamp Defense, you must protect the swamp from hordes of monsters who are trying to take over the area. To prevent them from winning, you must strategically place characters from the game along a path and make sure that they manage to kill all enemies.

The characters you can choose from are as follows:

Screenshot from the official Swamp Defense page on

Each character has a unique weapon that can do stuff like slow down the enemy, electrocute them, or hit them with a frying pan. You start with a set amount of money and you must pay for each character. Killing enemies earns you money so that you can either upgrade your current units or buy more. It starts off a bit easy, but don’t be fooled (like I was), because it will get harder and harder, and once you think you’ve built the most solid defense, they suddenly sweep through it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plan and saving up money for upgrading the strongest characters is a good tip I think. If desperate, remember that you can sell units too.

Gameplay – Screenshot by Puni/Void – You can see two icons on the character in the middle, one for selling it and one for upgrading it.

So, how does it play?

Screenshot by Puni/Void – Here you can change various settings.

You have the possibility of choosing whether to play the game in a window or in fullscreen. This can be done by changing the settings. There you can select aspect ratio, as well as show FPS, etc.

Screenshot by Puni/Void – Instructions on how to play the game.

Another thing I’d like to say is that the game was very easy to get into without having to figure out a whole lot of stuff. It is very intuitive and the icons on the screen explain themselves. You’ll be good to go in a few minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Another positive aspect is that it has a fast-forward button (you can also hold in the Shift key) so that the attack waves will move faster. Very handy!

I also like the graphics, which look nice. Background music is also good.

If you like to compete against others, provides ladders with high scores. You’ll have to register with them to make use of it. Once that is done, your scores will be submitted if possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screenshot by Puni/Void – Compete against others for the highest score!

All in all, I enjoyed it a lot. Will play it again in the future! Hopefully, I can get farther than Wave 61 on my last attempt.

If you are interested in trying it out, you can download the demo version. It is available here.

You can purchase the game on AmiStore or from a retailer. I purchased my copy from the Alinea Computer Shop in Germany (thanks for the delivery! :-))

Thanks for reading and see you in another post here on the Gaming on AmigaOS 4 blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

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