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Upcoming Event: Amiga 30 years!

Amiga - The Survivor (made by Eric W. Schwartz)

Amiga – The Survivor (made by Eric W. Schwartz)

Good evening all,

Did you know that the Amiga celebrates its 30th anniversary this year? Well, it’s true and many people are going all out to celebrate this very special (at least it is for fans like myself.. hehe..) occasion.

This is why I’d like to introduce the following event which will take place in Amsterdam, Holland, on the 27th of June 2015!

30 years of Amiga, 30 years of joy! (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

30 years of Amiga, 30 years of joy! (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

There will be plenty of famous guests like Dave Haynie (ex Commodore engineer), David Pleasance (true Amiga hero that tried to save Commodore in 1994), RJ Mical, Istvan Fabian (creator of Abandoned Places), Ultimate PPC team (nice!), Jon Hare (Cannon Fodder ftw!) and Dan Wood. Last but not least I’d like to mention Petro Tyschtschenko, who is a true living legend of Amiga.

Highlights includes switched-on Amiga’s and a free disk imaging service by the KryoFlux team.

If you are interested in reading more about this upcoming Dutch even, here is some contact information for you:

Website: Amiga 30 years
Twitter: Amiga 30 years

Anyone of you readers planning to visit the event? I’m considering it myself, but time will show. :)

Amiga Games Awards 2014

One of the games nominated for best game of 2014!

Voxel Bird Saga from Cherry Darling (screenshot lent from the official website)

Hello guys,

It’s time for another round of Amiga Games Awards over at Obligement! Which games will be deemed the best of 2014 in the world of Amiga?

I’m confident that the competition will be tough this year, especially if we consider cool titles such as Tales of Gorluth: The Tear Stone Saga or Ace of Hearts and Voxel Bird from Cherry Darling.

Please click here to be taken to the vote-tool and list of games.

Good luck to all developers – may the source be with you! ;)

Revisiting Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos

Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago I felt the urge to try Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos again. Having stored my games serial numbers over at Battle.net, I could just download them (Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne) from there and be up and running in no time. If you have some Blizzard-games in your collection I advice you to do the same. It is very handy if you scratch your optical media, loose the originals or something else happens. It is free and takes only a few minutes to do.

Some RTS games have not (in my opinion) aged very well, but Warcraft III surely plays wonderfully even today. The cartoonish graphics still look cool and not outdated at all. Other RTS with more “realistic” graphics have aged badly in comparison. I was delighted to experience this. Game-play is also fun, responsive, intriguing, just like before. It is safe to say that I will practice a bit with simple skirmishes to re-learn some of the old tricks and then head out on Battle.net for some real action. Looking forward to that.

Anyone else out there enjoying a good round of Warcraft III? Perhaps we could meet on the battlefield some time. ;)

Besides Warcraft I’m in the process of setting up Puppy Arcade on an old laptop. Thanks to The Heretic for the advice concerning this emulation station.

Thanks for reading and have a good evening all! :)

My Retro-gaming Collection: The Secret of Monkey Island (Amiga)


The Secret of the Monkey

The Secret of the Monkey for the Commodore Amiga: Original big box version (photo by Old School Game Blog)

Hello folks,

Tonight I’d like to introduce you to a precious piece of my collection, namely the original version of the famous adventure game The Secret of Monkey Island by Lucasfilm Games! This is one of my all-time favorite games EVER and I still have a go at it from time to time. Personally I get the best experience from the Amiga version, although the Special Edition release for the PC (you can get it on Steam) is pretty neat.

If you are not familiar with the Monkey Island series, please have a look here.

The edition I’m presenting here is the one for the Amiga, complete with papers, copy-protection, box and four floppy disks. I also own the Atari ST version of the game.

Here’s a few pics of the game in all its glory!

The back of Monkey Island (photo by Old School Game Blog)

The back of Monkey Island (photo by Old School Game Blog)

Paperwork and floppies! (photo by Old School Game Blog)

Paperwork and floppies! (photo by Old School Game Blog)

Dial-A-Pirate wheel - copy protection (photo by Old School Game Blog)

Dial-A-Pirate wheel – copy protection (photo by Old School Game Blog)

I’m proud to say that the game is in very good condition and that the floppies still works. If I want to play it I run it from HD to save the disks from wear and tear. I also store them in a separate disk box for dust protection. Can’t be too careful!

There is truly something special about these old big box releases, don’ you think? The artwork on the cover of Monkey island is amazing (in my opinion) and inspires your mind to embark on an epic tale of swashbuckling and pirating. ;)

I got a lot of good memories from playing this game back in the days. Anyone else out there who are fans of the Monkey Island series?

Thanks for reading and have a good night – see you in another post! :)


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