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New Amiga Game: Love Dungeon

New Amiga game - Love Dungeon! (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

New Amiga game – Love Dungeon! (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Hello guys,

Yesterday I reported that AmigaOS 4.1 FE was being shipped out to various Amiga dealers. Today I have more good news for you…

A NEW Amiga game has been released today, just before Christmas. :) It is called Love Dungeon and it is a platform game. I received an e-mail from the author, Jason, who told me the following:



Love Dungeon is a simple arcade game about collecting Hearts against the clock, there is NO ADULT CONTENT in this game, just a suggestive title!

You can unlock Monsters to fight and extra game modes by beating the World Records, there are quite a few hidden features and Easter eggs too.

Here is a video of a slightly older version, quite a few changes have been made since this video was shot: (s2325 made the video)

I managed to stick to my original goals of having this written within 4 weeks and for it to be less than 64k, both achieved.

Its not 100% how I want it, but being so close to Christmas, this will have to do (its pretty close!) as I am out of time, if it doesn’t go now, I wont have any more time this year…

It should work on all Amiga’s, Real, Emulated, PAL or NTSC.

Quick Notes

Press fire to grab onto ladders!

If you are getting frustrated with not being able to beat the world records, reset them twice to clear them.

The 4 different game modes have their own High-scores

To Toggle Party Mode, start the game as usual, but with the Left Mouse Button Held down. This will disable the “option” and “exit” menu options until you do the same thing again to turn them back on.

Please read the .txt included within the archives for further information.

If you have ANY comments, good, bad or ugly please post them on its official thread
on the EAB forums

Love Dungeon v1.0.adf is here


Nice! :) Kudos to Jason for making a brand new game for the Amiga. Well done!

We are in the process of moving, so my Amiga is currently in “transit” to our new home, so I guess I’ll have to use an emulator to try it out. Definitely looking forward to it. :)

Have a good evening everyone and thanks for reading.

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Kuokka77: Amiga (and C64) Music Optimized for Dolby Headphones

Amiga music for headphones (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Amiga music for headphones (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Good evening,

Must of us love music and we listen to various songs and tunes every day. It often happens that we have to listen through our headphones, for example at work or at home, so that we don’t disturb others. This is where Mr. Kuokka77’s YouTube channel comes in as a great alternative.

Kuokka77 has done a wonderful job of optimizing a vast amount of Amiga music (also C64 and PC) for use with headphones. When I first tried to listen to one of the tunes with my headset, I was hooked at once – the sound was so much better than normal! If I use the PC I very often visit his channel and select video of Hired Guns (legendary Amiga game). Please have a look at it below (and please use headphones!):

Wasn’t it great? Brings back memories? :)

If you take a look at his channel, you will find tunes from games like Flashback, Turrican, Beverly Hills Cop, Body Blows, Zool, Lotus, Super Cars and many, many more. He has also done demos as well, for example State of the Art from Spaceballs.

Kuokka77 states on his about-page that he takes requests, so if you have a suggestion he might be interested.

What do you think of this YouTube channel and of the music present there? I certainly love it. Perfect for those times I need to use my headset (which is very often).

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening!


AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition: Now Shipping to Dealers

Hi guys,

Turns out that AmigaOS 4.1 FE (Final Edition) is being shipped out to various Amiga shops as we speak. Please read the full press release from Hyperion Entertainment below.

Hyperion Entertainment is thrilled to announce shipment of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition to dealers has been started. This means that the first customers will get their own copy of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition right before christmas, just in time to put it underneath the christmas tree.

Since the initial release of AmigaOS 4.1 more than six years ago, functionality and user experience have been steadily improved by six free major updates and over 88 free smaller ones through AmiUpdate. AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition defines the new baseline by consolidating all previous updates, bringing new long awaited features and stability improvements and last but not least enabling the user to make a clean installation in one go. Additionally it comes professionally produced as full version on physical media in a nice DVD box, together with a booklet containing installation instruction as well as a little extra for only EUR 29.95 suggested retail price (incl. VAT, may very on your location).

AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition is currently available for:

  • AmigaOne XE, SE and MicroA1
  • AmigaOne X1000
  • AmigaOne 500/Sam460
  • Sam440
  • Pegasos 2
  • Amiga 1200/3000/4000 with PPC-card
Customers can find a list of possible dealers at http://www.amigaos.net/content/4/where-buy.
Interested dealers can register themselves and order AmigaOS by writing to  orders@hyperion-entertainment.biz .
Hyperion Entertainment and the whole team behind AmigaOS wish a merry christmas, happy new year and lots of fun with AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition!
The fact that it can be ran on an emulator (the version for Amiga 1200/3000/4000 can run on an emulator, not the others as far as I know) will probably increase the sales, especially considering the lower and more affordable price of the OS. Will be interesting to read the responses to this on the various discussion forums.
Hope you all are well and that you are on track with your Christmas gifts. ;) I know I’m not.. hehe..

UPDATE: Please remember that you need a PPC accelerator card for your Amiga 1200, 3000 or 4000 to run the classic version.

PC: The Stanley Parable: A Strange Experience

Hi guys,

Have you heard about The Stanley Parable? If not, then I can tell you that it is one of the strangest games I’ve ever played on a PC. It is not like anything I’ve tried before. Please have a look at the trailer below:

I got it on Steam and have played it a bit when I have had the time. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a “new experience” gaming wise. :)

If you have played it, what are your thoughts about it? Did you like it?


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