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Assembly 2015: Master Control Program by Desire (Amiga Demo)

Hi everyone,

Here’s the runner-up in the Amiga demo competition at the Assembly 2015 demo party in Finland. It is called Master Control Program and was made by Desire. It’s a very good demo and I enjoyed watching it. Please have a look below:

The Amiga demo scene is still alive. Go to Pouet.net and have a look at all the demos that has been released this year. Quite a few! :)

Interview with Robert J. “RJ” Mical by Ravi Abbott

Hi all,

The well known Amiga enthusiast Ravi Abbott has released an interview he did with the Amiga-legend RJ Mical today. Check it out below. :)

The Amiga in 2015 and Beyond: Trevor Dickinson A-EON Interview

Hi there,

Dan Wood (kookytech.net) has published a brand new interview with Trevor Dickinson of A-EON on his YouTube-channel. I’ve embedded it in this post, so that you can have a look. :) Enjoy!

Home Leisure Direct Annual Top 40 Games Blogs Awards


Hi everyone,

Old School Game Blog has now received its first award! :) Woohoo! You can read more on the website of Home Leisure Direct by clicking here.

This year we decided that these blogs deserve to be commended for their contribution to the gaming community through their great articles, podcasts, videos and general passion for the industry. We have a huge list of great blogs but thought it best to condense it down, so we created the Home Leisure Direct Annual Top 40 Games Blogs Awards 2015. These blogs range from all kinds of topics such as pinball, billiards, arcade gaming, video gaming and many more. The blogs are not ranked in order but are numbered for convinience. We hope you enjoy the list and make sure to check the blogs out too!

This was fun and many thanks must go to those who decided to include my blog in the list. Much appreciated!


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