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The Amiga in 2015 and Beyond: Trevor Dickinson A-EON Interview

Hi there,

Dan Wood (kookytech.net) has published a brand new interview with Trevor Dickinson of A-EON on his YouTube-channel. I’ve embedded it in this post, so that you can have a look. :) Enjoy!

Home Leisure Direct Annual Top 40 Games Blogs Awards


Hi everyone,

Old School Game Blog has now received its first award! :) Woohoo! You can read more on the website of Home Leisure Direct by clicking here.

This year we decided that these blogs deserve to be commended for their contribution to the gaming community through their great articles, podcasts, videos and general passion for the industry. We have a huge list of great blogs but thought it best to condense it down, so we created the Home Leisure Direct Annual Top 40 Games Blogs Awards 2015. These blogs range from all kinds of topics such as pinball, billiards, arcade gaming, video gaming and many more. The blogs are not ranked in order but are numbered for convinience. We hope you enjoy the list and make sure to check the blogs out too!

This was fun and many thanks must go to those who decided to include my blog in the list. Much appreciated!

Tower 57: Twin-stick Shooter With 16-bit Inspired Pixel Art

Hi everyone,

If you loved playing Chaos Engine back in the days, you’ll probably enjoy the upcoming game Tower 57. Please have a look at the trailer below, and I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. :)

Doesn’t it look great?

The game is on Kickstarter right now and they are looking for backers. They have raised nearly 30.000 of 45.000 EUR with 10 days to go. They also have stretch-goals and one of these is especially interesting for Amiga-users/fans:

FLOOR 2: Amiga ports ( 46.000€ )

This stretch goal will finance (in part, we would also be pitching in as we really want to see it happen ^_^#) the AmigaOS4 and MorphOS ports of the game.

I’m definitely going to support the development and really hope they’ll reach the Amiga ports stretch-goal. :)

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Amiga 30 Years Event: Upcoming Hardware from Jens Schönfeld

Hi guys,

Just a quick one from the Amiga 30 Years event in Amsterdam. Radzik of AMIcast has provided streams from the event through the Periscope function on Twitter. Check it here. The official stream failed several times and many couldn’t get it to work at all. Radzik saved the day for many Amiga enthusiasts, so big thanks must go out to him. :)

(from Radzik's stream)

Jens Schönfeld on stage (from Radzik’s stream)

Jens Schönfeld of Individual Computers announced a new memory/accelerator card for the Amiga 500 that will cost about 130 EUR. He also mentioned two new cards for the Amiga 1200. One based on a 68020EC clocked at 28 MHz and the other a normal 68020 clocked at 16 MHz. One, or both, will contain a port/connection for an USB-adapter.

Most importantly, in my opinion, is that he said: “I will make Amiga Reloaded.” Apparently he has a huge stock of AGA-chips and can therefore make new Amiga 1200 motherboards. Woohoo! :) This was great news to me and I will definitely buy one.

Check the stream here, Jens is the last one to speak: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aF6oJzE1Nzk5ODZ8Mjk2MTY2NjeEDF7yrRL6C90vKdC9irhBjRRR03tE7rZC_i6-hGwBxg==


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