Hi everyone!

Today I read an interesting blog post written by Jiksun (he maintains a blog called Desk of Jiksun).

His article is about music in classic adventure games, like Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island and Sam & Max.

I’m a big fan of such games, so it was great fun listening to the old tunes again.

I thought you might like to read the post as well, I asked him if I could reblog it on Old School Game Blog. He agreed, so here it is! Hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

Desk of Jiksun

Old school adventure games frustrated the hell out of me. This was before the internet, so it was simply down to you (and your friends – if you had any) to figure out just how to win that ridiculous pirate spitting contest [spoiler alert!]

There was simply no other way to advance the story – you sat there, hour after hour, just trying random (sometimes logical in hindsight) things like capturing an Energizer® bunny so you could use its batteries somewhere else. (I almost cried when I figured that one out.)

My point is this: you spent so much time immersed in the same environment, figuring puzzles out, that the looping background MIDI tracks and quirky sound effects stayed with you long after the end credits have rolled – and decades later you’re writing a post reminiscing about the good old days.

And so, without further ado – here’s my…

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