AmiWest Computer Show 2012

The logo of the AmiWest event (taken from

Hi everyone,

Soon it’s time for another edition of the AmiWest Computer Show and a lot of people in the Amiga community are eagerly anticipating the event, myself included.

Since AmiWest takes place in Sacramento, California, I’ve got no possibility of attending, but hopefully they’ll stream video like last year. I still vividly remember Steven Solie bringing us news about the AmigaOS 4.x netbook, that was epic. Sadly we haven’t heard much about it afterwards, but maybe it’ll show up at AmiWest? Stranger things have happened..

The city of Sacramento (taken from
The city of Sacramento (taken from

The event takes place at the Ramada Plaza Cal Expo from the 19th of October to the 21st.

For more information on contact information and the location, please head over to the official website by clicking here.

hyperionentertainmentlogo, taken from the HD-zone blog (
Hyperion Entertainment will be at AmiWest 2012.

Many exhibitors will be present at the event, such as Hyperion Entertainment (the developers of AmigaOS 4.x), AmigaKit (Amiga retailer) and A-EON (the creators of the AmigaOne X1000).

I’ve read the A-EON will have something major to show at AmiWest, but I’ve got no clue to what it is. Exciting! πŸ™‚ I do know though, that Steven Solie, AmigaOS 4.x developer, will lead a programming seminar, which I’m sure will be interesting to follow.

It was also surprising to see that Pagestream is back in business. This classic DTP software is under continuous development and will be represented by Chuck Washburn at AmiWest.

Are any of you attending the event? Do you know anything about what A-EON Technology is going to show at AmiWest?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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