Amiga 600: Vampire II videos – Sam & Max, 7th Guest and more!

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying the summer. 🙂

Mjnurney, the lucky owner of a Vampire II accelerator for his Amiga 600, has uploaded a ton of cool videos on YouTube.

Here you can see his Amiga running classic games never released for the platform, including the famous Sam & Max, but also titles like 7th Guest and WarCraft.

Enjoy the videos! Will be interesting to see this card running on the Amiga 500 and 1200. Being a owner of a stock Amiga 1200 (which I’m happy with – after all I can run Deluxe Paint, AMOS and Deluxe Galaga), the difference between my setup and one with Vampire is incredible vast. Can’t almost compare it! 😀 Not long ago, the Amiga 600 was the little brother (or sister) of the 1200, but being powered by the Vampire, roles have changed! 🙂

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