AmigaOne X5000: You can now register interest with A-EON

The official logo of A-EON Technology

Hi everyone,

Seems like the release of the brand new computer, the AmigaOne X5000, is not too far away. You can now register your interest in purchasing the machine at the A-Eon Technologies website.

The AmigaOne X5000 will be able to run AmigaOS, MorphOS and various variants of Linux.

Prices starting from £1699.

Register interest here:

AmigaOne X5000
AmigaOne X5000




  1. I look forward to see a complete demonstration of this system at Mr. Lightstone’s house! I’m afraid I can’t justify spending £1699 or more on a computer like this. 😦 I think they should have produced some low cost AmigaOS 4 / MorphOS compatible systems instead of this pricey monster. Something like the Raspberry PI in an Amiga case. 😉 The Amiga community needs to recruit a lot of new users. Unfortunately I don’t think the X5000 is the solution. Anyway; I wish them best of luck. It’s also very cool that it is MorphOS compatible. 🙂

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