Amiga: The Collectors Edition of ENEMY 2: Missing in Action is ready and now available!


Hi guys and thanks for visiting Old School Game Blog. The news below is from EAB (English Amiga Board). Looks like an awesome package to say the least! 🙂


Contents of the Collector’s Edition:

– Telescope box with Cover-Art from Ogan Kandemiroglu
– multilingual manual with poster in middle
– ENEMY 2 on two floppy disks
– Update to version 1.28

Both the manual and the game are in German and in English. When the game is started for the first time the desired language is installed (note: the floppy disks will be modified).

ENEMY 2 requires 1 MB of RAM. If necessary the CPU caches and the AGA chipset must be deactivated. WinUAE users will find a compatible configuration file on our website.

About ENEMY 2

ENEMY is an action adventure in the style of the game Flashback. The first part ENEMY: Tempest of Violence was released in 1997 exclusively for Amiga. Unfortunately at the time the Amiga market was already dead, so that only relatively few copies were sold. André Wüthrich, the man behind the project, drew the conclusion and rejected the plans for a second part.

Some years later I contacted him and tried to motivate him for a sequel. At first without success. When I then designed new levels and confronted him with this, things took their course: André took a long thought exchange and we began to continue the story. Unfortunately the source code of the first part no longer existed and a new programming was excluded. We decided to make a continuation on the basis of the prequel. Getting out the maximum with given means. Together we reconstructed the level editor and draw new graphics. Because of the very low hardware requirements, there was a lot of headaches: the graphics should not be too big and had to share their color palette with the game figure, the shadow effects as well as the panel. Additional colors had to be patched in the main file of the game. A bit easier was the level design. We had extensive possibilities in the creation of new playing cards. In conjunction with the new graphics and the ability to define the abilities and intelligence of each character, new puzzles have been created for the player. Thus, even those who have mastered the first part will receive enough new brainteasers in ENEMY 2.
Due to the complexity and the length of the game as well as the technical limitations, the development lasted over four years. In 2013 the game was finished. We translated it into English and published it as a free download version.

A classic-style publication on storage medium with manual and box was not realistic for us, as it is still exclusive to the Amiga. On tireless pressure from some fans I calculated the potential production costs and started on a survey – with a surprisingly positive result. In addition, I was able to buy a larger lot of new DD diskettes and with Ogan Kandemiroglu I was given a well-known artist (thanks to nujack). His father, Celal Kandemiroglu, has among other things drawn the covers of the Rainbow Arts games and the covers for the german mag Amiga Joker. So I had confidence and gave Ogan the job. Both – a cover art and the DD floppy disks – were terms for an original production and finally fulfilled. This summer I started with the realization. The design of the packaging is consciously based on the first part – who owns this rarity can look forward to the following series:…9&d=1481059159


We offer the Collectors Edition for a donation of 15.00 EUR + shipping costs. Shipping costs 1.70 EUR (Germany) and 4.10 EUR (worldwide). If you take two copies you have to pay for shipping only once! The telescope box is sent unfolded to avoid transport damage and to keep the shipping costs low. Instructions for folding the box are available on our homepage.

Please use the order form on our homepage because I am not able to look here around regulary. Thank you.

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