Amiga: MNT VA2000 Amiga Graphics Card (Zorro II/III)


Hi everyone,

AmigaBlitter on reported that he’d spotted an Amiga FPGA graphics card for big box models. You can read more in the thread here.

So what kind of card is it? Here’s is the information from the official webpage:

The VA2000 is a FPGA based graphics card for Amiga 2000/3000/4000 computers featuring high resolutions and color depth over HDMI. It has a hacker-friendly expansion header for upgrades and custom mods and features a slot for Micro SD cards that can be mounted in AmigaOS.

The professional quality production version is a collaboration of MNT’s Lukas F. Hartmann (@mntmn) and Scarab Hardware, makers of the miniSpartan 6+. Made in the USA.

  • Up to 1280x720p HD screen resolution at 16bit color depth
  • Lower resolutions at true color 24bit or 8bit “Chunky”
  • HDMI graphics output
  • Micro SD card reader (use Micro SD volumes in AmigaOS)
  • RTG compatible driver (Requires 68020 or better CPU)
  • Uses 4MB of Zorro II address space or up to 32MB of Zorro III
  • Amiga Autoconfig(TM) compatible
  • Autosensing Zorro II/III compatibility
  • Upgradeable Spartan 6 LX25 FPGA core (flash from Linux/Windows machine via USB port)
  • Completely Open Source:
  • Officially supported by NetBSD 7

It is currently sold out, but you can pre-order from batch 2 right now:

Looks very good in my opinion and should be interesting to many of you lucky owners of big box Amiga systems. It’s great with new hardware and a good alternative to the old (90’s) graphics cards that goes for quite some money on eBay.


Have a good weekend all!


  1. I always dreamt of getting a graphics card for my A1200. Of course it never happened; far too expensive for someone who didn’t actually do that much digital art 🙂


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