Amiga: Pre-order Vampire for the Amiga 500 or 600


Hello everyone,

Just some quick news concerning the Vampire accelerator cards for Amiga 500 and 600. It is now possible to pre-order these cards from the official website of the Apollo Team. When signing up you are expressing your interest in getting a card, so it’s not binding. A whopping 1541 people are currently in line, which is very, very impressive. If the A1200 version had been available, this number would probably have been even higher!

(screengrab by Old School Game Blog)
(screen grab by Old School Game Blog)

Here is the link to the ordering page:

And to the homepage:

Anyone getting one? 🙂 I’m not, since I don’t have an Amiga 500 or 600. When it becomes available for 1200’s, I’ll definitely send in my order though.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you enjoyed your stay. 🙂

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