PC: Nighthaw-X3000 – Schmup journey to the 80’s!


Hello guys,

If you’re into classic shoot’em up games, then I think you should be happy to know about an upcoming game from a group of Polish developers called Nighthaw-X3000.

It’s a frantic, vertical schmup and it’s difficulty level will test your perception, response time and agitility of your fingers.


Your name is Pilecki. James Pilecki. You are en elite pilot with ugly past. It’s late evening and you are drinking another beer. This one is your favorite. It’s the only thing you have ever since your wife passed away. However, no one, not even a sarcastic bartender expected that this one will be your last one. It is the year 2000. Alien invasion has began. It is time to get back to your ship. It is time for war.


Your ticket for a journey to the past

Nighthaw-X3000 is a unique journey to 80s, journey filled with countless references to classic action movies of those days. It’s a journey full of neon blasts and synthwave music. It’s an atmosphere that was foundation for such classics like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon or Kung Fury. Now it’s back.

However, Nighthaw-X3000 is not only the atmosphere. It’s a full-fledged bullet hell that contains:

  • Story-based campaign
  • Additional game modes (which will be revealed later)
  • Couch co-op for both, campaign and additional modes!


Nighthaw-X3000 is not your typical retro, it is true vintage. It’s an ultimate tribute to the 80s. In both, audio-visuals and gameplay:

  • Murderous difficulty level. Nighthaw-X3000 will remind you why playing arcades were so expensive.
  • Impressive arsenal of weapons. Each weapon has its own speed, power and range.
  • Diverse enemy types. Each type has its own scripts responsible for behavior during gameplay.
  • Each level provides unique experience. From different hazards and enemies to atmosphere created by theme song. Each level ends with one of the „guardians”. These dangerous bosses delivers demanding, multistage fight. It will be an ultimate test of your skill.


Created by N94Games studio, to be published by AAG Studio.

The release date is set to 1st quarter of 2017 for PC’s, but ports to PS4 and Xbox One is not out of the question. 🙂


  1. I still haven’t bought a current console system.

    BTW. I was going to wait until you posted a music related Amiga article, but was wondering if you’ve ever heard of the Japanese electronic musician Susumu Hirasawa? He did a couple of anime soundtracks for films like Paprika. Very surreal sounding type of music. Initially he was using Amigas for recording and live up until the Paprika soundtrack.


    I figured if you didn’t know about him you’d appreciate this bit of Amiga related info.

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