PC: Nighthaw-X3000 – Now available on Steam!

Hi guys,

Hope you all are having a nice Easter. 🙂 Weather has not been very good over here since we’ve had quite a bit of rain, but it’s at least great for computing. 😉 Right now it actually started snowing, wow!

Some good news today. The shoot’em up game Nighthaw-X3000 has been released on Steam! It’s an old-styled shooter bursting with 80’s style and character.

I’ve played the game a bit and so far I’m loving it. It is completely different in style to those shoot’em ups I’m used to playing, like Project-X, Gradius, Salamander, Banshee and so forth. The colors, the atmosphere, the music.. everything is themed around 80’s radness.

Nighthaw-X3000 – Playing the Game

Most games starts with a story, Nighthaw-X3000 is not an exception:

Your name is Pilecki.
James Pilecki…

… and life was never merciful to you. From the very beginning, you were playing a game called “life” on hard mode. Ever since your wife passed away, the only thing left for you is a beer. Your favorite one. A pretty damn good one.

Several days ago, aliens attacked earth. They stated, that our planet will be destroyed and turned into fuel for their future voyages.

But you are not a stupid guy. You know that destroying earth means no more beer for you. And you cannot let that happen. It is time for war.

James is on a mission to save the Earth to save beer! 🙂 Go!!

Now, let’s have a look at how the game looks and plays. Here’s a few screenshots from my last session:

Here you can see the menu-screen where you can start a new game, load an old one or do some adjustments in options. There is also a high-score table for the various modes, which is cool.

Several options here. Screen tilt on for sure and full screen.Several ways to play the game, but not all of them has been opened yet.. This is a nice feature that gives players something extra to play for. I’m curious to what these modes are! And before I forget, the game has a two-player on-screen mode!

Ok, I’ve started the Story Mode and the game is about to get busy!

Lot’s of action on the screen – have just launched my super-weapon to get rid of enemies.

As you can see from my spaceship (at the bottom of the left side of the screen), I’ve engaged the “turbo mode”, which increases firing rate and more.

End of level 1 and the big boss enters the screen. Our hero is not scared at all as you can see from the text.

Level 1 complete and I get to choose a juicy reward! Went for the Homing Missiles, but the Heavy machine-gun is great as well (tried it earlier). Have a look at the 420 Guns shop, nice!

Level two is up, but unfortunately I was overwhelmed by enemy forces. Will get further next time. There are a LOT of bullets to dodge. 😉

Did not reach the high-score table, but some day I hope I will. It’s great that you can compete with players from all over the world.

As mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed playing this game. It has a unique style and atmosphere, great game mechanics (controls, functions) and last, but not least, it oozes of radness. 😉 It’s not an easy game though – there is a lot of action on the screen and you’ll have to work hard avoid bullets and enemies.

If you too want to get a piece of the action, you can get the game on Steam:


A 10% discount is available today, so don’t miss out.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you’ll have a great Easter!

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