Amiga: GOLD2 released for Vampire V600 V2 and V500 V2(+)


Hi folks,

Here is some great news from the Vampire-camp:

GOLD2 is officially released for Vampire V600 V2 and V500 V2(+) 

Changes are as follows:

* AMMX greatly improved
* Added CPU counters
* Added TURTLE mode
* Modified PCR register. 68080 now acts as a 060.
* Modified MOVEC Rc,Rn (reads in User mode and Writes in Supervisor mode)
* Improved some loops patterns
* Improved self-modifying code support
* Improved memory controller to be full 32-bit
* Improved HDMI core

Also, SAGA Driver package has been updated to 0.11 to accomodate new things.

Information and downloads available here:

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