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Yesterday, on the 29th of July, ACube Systems launched the new version of their webshop.

If you are interested in taking a look, you can follow the link below:

The new website looks very nice in my opinion. 🙂

The big question many will ask in this respect is whether they have new Sam460’s in stock or possibly other AmigaOS 4 related products available for purchase. I went and had a look, but unfortunately no Sam460’s are in stock yet.

As you can see from the picture above, you still can not buy a Sam 460, but hopefully this will change in the near future.

On the other hand, AmigaOS 3.2 from Hyperion Entertainment is available for purchase, as well as AmigaOS 4.1 for Sam460 and graphics cards.

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  1. I was in touch with Acube since I placed my order on a sam 460cr pretty long ago.(last decembre) They replied and asked some patience because of the big interest.
    Then -since a good friend of mine also placed his order- I’ve sent an email to ask them if our orders could be joined to share the p&p costs and also spare some co2 etc.. They replied very kindly to inform us that our orders can and will be processed as one package without any problems and they told us that it will take 3 months to produce our boards.
    But then I’ve lost the contact, sent 3 mails already (4,5 and 6 months after the last received email) but no luck. We still keep the hope that we will get our Sam 460 boards at the end but it is pretty strange not to get any answers for so long. Is there anybody who got any life signs since last spring/summer?


    • Hi Maverick! Thanks for commenting. Sorry about the late reply here. I asked ACube about a new batch of Sam 460’s and received an answer in August. They told me it will take some months before Sam 460’s are available again, unfortunately. Sorry it is not good news, but hope it was of help. Best regards, Puni


      • Hi. Thanks for the answer. It is not good news but good enough for now. It shows there is a latency (probably because chip shortage) in the production. It is pretty annoying though if customer inquiries left unanswered for months. But hey, better to put hands on my sam later than never :). So waiting patiently. Thx for your post.


        • You’re welcome. 🙂 I declared interest in a new board some months ago myself, so if it is of any comfort, I’m waiting too, hehe.

          There is demand out there for AmigaOS 4.x compatible hardware, so it is sad that it is almost impossible to get hold of these days. Hopefully we’ll get a big batch of new Sams as well as the release of the A1222+. Many new users means more development and enthusiasm all around.

          Btw, after seeing the demonstration of the A1222 at AmiWest, I think the Sam 460 is just as good a choice, if not slightly better. This is my opinion of course, but there are issues with compatibility and speed with the A1222, while the Sam works fine in most respects. You can also run MorphOS on Sam 460, which is a big plus in my book. I use MorphOS regularly, so to have a system running both is optimal.

          Have a good one!

          Best regards,

          Puni / AmigaOldSkooler


          • Finally some update.. received an email today from Acube. They thanked my patience and they told me that some news will be available very soon.
            I think the second production batch is now on the go and our board will be available soon. (It is just my speculation though..)
            It took months to get any answer but I think they keep trying to get in touch only if they have something to say.
            Good enough for me, it seems finally we all can put our hands on our shiny new Sam 460 boards soon.
            Have a nice day. I will post here again in case of any news.

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            • Hi Maverick,

              Thanks for the update! 🙂 Great to hear you’ve received news from ACube concerning the new batch! Have not heard anything from them myself, so glad you gave an update here. Let us hope that new boards are not far away. 🙂



              • Hi. Yesterday received a mail from Acube. The new boards will be sent to production in the upcoming days but those will be some redesigned ones, Sam460LE (limited edition). Also the price went up, they offer it for 735eur + 22% vat (900eur) + shipping after preorder. Preorder means you pay 240 eur now and the rest when the boards are finished. I know prices are crazy due this chip shortage (seems a bit fake to me tho the whole chip shortage thing.) but 900 euro seems extreme for a sam board. Also no info about the modifications, testing etc. The only info they gave it will support dual slot graphics cards. (What if we buy a beta board for that price… IDK. ). They say this price is for pre order and other users must later pay 50 euro more. Now I think it is maybe better to wait til some reviews can be found to se if it is really a full value 460. 50 bucks extra seems better option for me than blind pre order something. They wrote the news will be updated next day (today) and the preorder will be active as well. Headscratching starts here….. my X5000’s mainboard was 1700 euro with 12xpcieE, many slots, 2 ghz diual core (I know no multicore support now but maybe in the future) ppc, ddr3, working sata, all drivers etc… Decided to buy the system built for order, and no regrets here, it is a monster. The 460 is way more limited, much much slower and lack of slots/sata etc. I think most of the users will be run away seeing this price tag now.


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